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Homemade Vanilla Extract

We had posted about Homemade Vanilla Extract on the old blog, and if you'd like to read more about the experiment back then, you can go here. I, however, loved Jason's homemade vanilla so much that I went through it pretty quick and made my own in 2012. It is now 2020 and I still have a batch that I started and kept adding more vodka to when it got low. It is still amazing. If you ever smell "REAL VANILLA EXTRACT" when you buy it from the store, you'll realise it smells like alcohol. That's because it is. It is incredibly easy to make and, though vanilla beans are expensive at first... the payoff is worth it in the end if you bake a lot. Just keep adding cheap vodka to the beans and keep the extract in a dark cupboard, shaking it every so often and you have a never-ending supply. If it gets too 'light', just add another bean or three.


1 x 750ml bottle of vodka (CHEAP)

10 vanilla beans (recommend purchasing online)

Equipment needed:

1 liter air-tight glass container (like this)



Slice your vanilla beans into chunks so that they fit better into your air-tight glass container.

Put your vanilla beans into your container.

Pour vodka over top.

Close your air-tight glass container tightly.

Store in a dark spot in your cupboard for around 3-4 months, shaking it gently once a day until the liquid is opaque.


Keep your vanilla beans submerged in vodka, and you can keep adding vodka to replenish your supply. Give it at least a week to combine!

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