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The Bitchin' Kitchen Witch

Hello my fellow depraved, morally questionable (or not), individuals! The name is Noelle, or some might better know me as Bitchin' Kitchen Witch. For those who don't know me, I am a 35 year old, sassy, foul mouth, Navy veteran, line cook hailing all the way from good ol' Washington. State that is, really I shouldn't have to specify that but whatever. I'm originally from what some call the armpit of the United States; New Jersey. But it's where I grew up so take that as you may. Side note: it may also be why I am the way I am, who knows.

I've only been in the industry for a short while, but lemme tell y'all this is my jam and the best part is it only took me 33 years to find it. Woooo! Progress! Did I mention I am also extremely sarcastic? Well if you didn't catch on then... I'll just leave it at that.

When I was asked, many moons ago, to write on Bai's blog I accepted without hesitation and was honored by the fact. You see, I've always looked up to her. She was one of the reasons I jumped into the nutty pirate ship world of the culinary industry and have never looked back. I also figured there might be other like minded people that would appreciate my sense of humor, sarcasm and cynicism rolled up into what I feel I do best. Cooking. So here I am rambling away, stuck in the kitchen as some form of perpetually exhausted pigeon for your enjoyment.

Enjoy and remember; Stay whole and let them choke.

PS Here's what I actually look like 90% of the time and you are so very welcome:

-Bitchin' Kitchen Witch

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