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Updated: Feb 9, 2020

To those of you who are new to Cooking with Bai: welcome! Those those who have been following along since 2012-2014, welcome back!

It's been a while.

By the way, culinary school went great. I graduated in 2016 and have been working in the culinary industry ever since. Now that I have some time, I have decided to see if I can once again kick start my food blog. When I started it back in 2012, I had never really cooked and only knew what I knew from watching TV. Now, with a culinary school and commercial kitchen background, who knows what will happen! That being said, I am *still on a budget* so that part will never change. I'll be posting recipes for meals, updates from stuff I do for work, and all kinds of neat food stuff. Assuming I don't give up. :)

My old blog is still up. If you are interested in the archives, check them out at:

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